My experience with PlayStation Now

PlayStation now is a game-streaming service by Sony. They created PlayStation Now, Short: ‘PS Now’ to give people that own a PlayStation 4 to play games that are designed for PlayStation 3. This service also works on a Windows PC. You do need a PlayStation controller and a good internet connection.

PlayStation now costs €16,99 per month, and here is my experience.

During E3 2017, I was amazed by the trailer of the upcoming God of War game; however, I never really took much time to play all previous God of War games. I do not own a PlayStation 3 anymore, and this is why it was cheaper for me to get PS Now for one or two months.

First 7 days for free

When I subscribed to PS Now, the front page told me I would get 7 days for free, but I later find out that this is only for credit card owners. In the US it’s normal to own a credit card, but I’m in the Netherlands. And here it’s not. I drew the €16,99 from Paypal but somehow it kept on nagging about the credit card I don’t have.

This makes that subscribing to PS Now was hard and frustrating for me. It took me three tries to get it done before I could finally log into PS Now. So this wasn’t a very pleasant experience for me.

Over 350 games

PS Now hosts over 350 games, and that’s a decent amount. However, on PlayStation 4 I find it sometimes hard to navigate. When I have finally chosen a game, it takes some time to just load the page with information about that game. But the games I wanted to play are Sony exclusive games, which are easy to find.

Start a game

The first game I started was God of War Ascension. The PlayStation 4 needs 75GB of free space to start this game. When the game finally started, it looked great. I had no lag or what so ever. So, when the game is finally there, and you have seen the information page, it seems to work fine. Sometimes it is noticeable that there is an internet connection in play here.

Sometimes it happens that there is a noticeable delay between controller movement and what happens on screen. My controller, the Nacon Revolution Pro, is a wired controller. This has to be all on the internet. On my own, I have a decent internet connection that shouldnt have issues like this.


When you don’t own a PlayStation 3 and do own a good PC or a PlayStation 4, PS Now could be a help to play the cooler PlayStation 3 games. However, PS Now does require a good internet connection and some patience when it comes to starting games. When the game has finally started, the game works fine on most points, but drops in internet speed are noticeable.

The games on PS Now are great, but I still think the price tag of €16,99 per month is too much for this service. Not many people will want to spend enough time on older games to make this worth their while, and if you plan on keeping this long term, it might be cheaper to get your hands on a second hand PlayStation 3.

5/10 – Works, but is slow and overpriced

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