Developer interview: Shadows of Adam

It was a lot of fun to interview Tyler Mire, from Something Classic. We talked about the new game that Something Classic has been working on for a long time, Shadows of Adam. Shadows of Adam is a JRPG with a story about heroes that try to save their world, like most games. Still Shadows of Adam has a unique touch over it and it is actually fun to play (from what i have played). The humor in game is just genius. One hero laughing at the other for being weaker than she is, funny things people say to each other, and then i haven’t even said anything about the bosses i have seen yet!

Shadows of Adam ┬áis trying to be like older games, to be retro. And it does a good job at that. Shadows of Adam plays very well, the story is interesting and makes me want to play more, to see the rest. It’s fun to discover new enemies and the retro-look worked out well.

I will be writing a decent preview later, and after release a decent review.

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