50 years – Review

50 years is a turn-based survival game similar to the likes of Sid Meyer’s Civilization. The game pits you as one of a few countries (which represent real life countries for some inexplicable reason), against invading hordes of soldiers, minotaurs, and… zombie chickens. As ridiculous as this game gets, it always stays true to the central medieval/fantasy theme the game maintains. I do also like how the game is very reminiscent of strategy board games both new and old.

The main gameplay is simple and easy to pick up. You manage a town similar to that of Survival Kingdom, a game that you will see covered this Tuesday on CFN. You construct buildings and hire citizens to gain more wood and gold, in order to amass a large army to fend off the aforementioned hordes of enemies. If you can survive 50 years, then you win. This is much easier said than done, however, as I played the game through about 5-10 times and could only beat the game once on easy mode. I am not the best at this style of game, but I am by no means terrible, and this difficulty needs to be tweaked.

The gameplay suffers the same issue as Survival Kingdom, in that it gets very boring after a while, as situations start to repeat. The game does a good job of padding this issue with a wide variety of special missions. Each special mission has its own rules and is pretty different from each other. I definetly like these as it gives you a reason to come back to the game after a few plays. 50 Years also has a modding scene, and while there are only currently about 5 mods, I enjoyed playing some fan created stuff to make my game more hectic.

The art style is very interesting, and it reminiscent of that of a new style board game, it especially reminds me of Settlers of Catan’s art style. The game uses a large variety of color but washes them out to match the board game feel the game has. to be honest, the music was too loud and not fantastic, and without volume sliders, I thought it better to be off than on as loud as it is.

This game has a lot of potential, but needs more content, the art style is solid, but the music was irritating. With all of these features in mind, 50 Years earns a solid

6/10 “okay”

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