99 Cent Gaming Reviews – CropDuster Supreme

It’s a Gas of a Time

When I logged into Steam today looking for another game to review for my series, I never thought I’d be hit in the face with a game like CropDuster Supreme. Unphased, I let the gust of insipration take me through the entire game in one video to see if it was worth the dollar or if it was just full of hot musky air…

CropDuster Supreme is a game that is very very simple in it’s execution. Every level has the player tasked with clearing out rooms by using your powers of flatulence on demand, aiming to hit as many people as possible with your clouds of stench. On top of the number of people you need to clear is a timer that counts down to 0 making you restart the level if the room isn’t cleared in time. You also have a limited number of on demand toots you can use before running out of those as well.

There are two power ups to help which are the clock (which adds time) and the burrito (which adds more ammo). These seem to pop up at random but definitely help out when you really need them the most. I’ve found myself at the tail end of a level with a couple of people to go screaming “where is a clock?!” and having it pop up just in time. Pun intented.

There were a few couple of things that caused me to get a little frustrated which I want to point out before getting to the verdict. First was the combo system. Now it may have been because I went into the game blind and bought it right as I saw the release, but I had no idea how the combos worked. Every so often I would see the word COMBO and sometimes with a x2 or x3 but I couldn’t figure out how I was getting them. At one point in the game it tells you getting a x10 combo refills your bar. I managed to complete the entire game without once reaching that amount, so it’s not necessary to beating it…but I do wish that there was some way of knowing how it could have happened.

The other thing that caused frustration was losing myself in the crowds. There were a few levels that had a ton of people you had to clear out, and once the chaos began it was too easy to get lost in the shuffle. I evenutally found myself after stopping to really look, but I think having some sort of identifier or indication of where your character is at all time would bring down the frustration level.

Outside of those two things, I have to say the game brought me pretty decent entertainment for what I purchased. Now granted the game was very short (it took me about 30 minutes to complete) but it was fully featured, bug free (from what I played), grammar was on point and I want to support developers who manage to do that. I’ve also not played the higher difficulties yet and can only imagine the insanity that it will bring.

I have more to say and reactions to give in my video below, but overall…is the game worth .99? Absolutely! It’s a fun distraction, and with the game being in Early Access I hope the developers take notice with the two points of frustration I encountered and work in things like a combo explination tutorial and a player identifier. I’d love to revisit this as updates are made.

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