99 Cent Gaming Reviews – Frequent Flyer

Finally a Game with Content!

I personally purchased this game. I reviewed it for my 99 Cent Gaming series.

My expectations for low-budget SHMUPs took a nose dive (ha…plane humor) as I started review games for my series due to the tendency to put in the minimal amount of content. Thankfully, Coldwild Games avoids this with some pretty fun progression systems, multiple unlocks, and different modes.

Coming into this game with low expectations allowed me to breath a sigh of relief just from the character select screen and mode select screen alone. Frequent Flyer has 10 different ships with their own stats that can be unlocked throughout the course of the game, and 4 different modes which include Mission, Infinite, Organized (waves of a single ship attack you, one type at a time), and Time Attack. All these modes feature the roster of 10 enemies who themselves have different stats, tons of pick ups ranging from ammo refills, health, upgrades and MISSILES! As I said, it avoids having a lack of content.

Ships are locked behind a STAR collection wall which you earn from beating missions and picking them up during game play. There’s also tasks you can complete that lets you earn them, which for me was the icing on the cake for Frequent Flyer. They stuff a lot of different activities for players to do that it’s hard not to keep playing trying to unlock everything, earn all of the achievements, and start brushing up your skills for the leader board.

There were a few issues I had however. First was the inclusion of tweeting out your score to earn more stars. I felt that this was not necessary for a game that already had a lot of ways to do so. It gave me a mobile free2play feeling that just didn’t sit well with me. That said it’s not forced upon the player and you can choose to ignore it. I get wanted to tweet out something both for bragging rights and to show support, but this way is just not for me.

Secondly was using tank controls. Now this is less of a game issue and more of my personal preference, but having controller support left me wanting more of a dual-stick control scheme. I don’t know if this can be added by the devs but I personally would love it.

Outside of those two things, and some aesthetic overlaps, I didn’t find anything wrong with what I played and was overjoyed to see a developer attempt to stack their game with some fun options at such a low price. I have more to say in my video below, but was Frequent Flyer worth the 99 cents I paid for it: ABSOLUTELY. They even mentioned that even though the game is complete, they are open to feedback and suggestions. Give this game a go to support this type of game, and let the developer know what you’d like to see in this fun little SHMUP.


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