Action alien: Prelude – review

Action alien: Prelude was given to me by the developer. I played the game and here is what I think about it.

The game

Action alien: Prelude is a game where you need to shoot aliens that come in waves. Every wave starts after you put gasoline into a car. This isn’t really clear at first because the game didn’t tell me to do that. Soi ran around for three minutes wondering where the enemies were. After I found it, the aliens came. And not a few, no they all came at once. Every wave you get a better weapon, but you can only pick up ammo when you’re actually holding a weapon. Holding gasoline? You can’t pick up ammo. This was strange to me.

Graphics / art

The graphics look plain, but for an indie game, it’s not too bad. I have seen better games with worse graphics, even in 2018.
The aliens all look kind of the same, some are bigger than others. There isn’t a lot of inspiration in them and it doesn’t feel renewed.


The sound of Action Alien: Prelude is terrible. You can hear aliens coming but nothing indicates where they come from. Normally the sound does indicate this and this made the game less fun than it could be. The music is very plain and didn’t feel special to me.


With a 0,99 price tag, you can’t expect much more, but I still think that this game isn’t giving the right price/quality. It feels like an alpha version of the game it could become but didn’t come in Early Access.

Therefore I rank this game with a 2/10 – great idea, bad execution.


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