Armed with Wings Rearmed Review

Armed with Wings Rearmed is a 2D puzzle action platformer, where you control a female warrior and her trusty raven, as you hack and slash your way through the desolate landscapes.


The first thing that stands out is the art, Armed with wings uses an HD black and white look, with smooth edges that look like ink blotted on paper, this fits extremely well with the desolate feel the game gives, and even better with the smooth animations and combat, but we will get to that later. The art is awesome and the minimalist colors look great in the desolate feel the game provides. The accompanying music adds to this feel, and the sound effects match that. I love the parallax scrolling, and the foreground is well placed to add a small twinge of doubt before a big fight.

Speaking of the combat, it is extremely smooth and fluid-like. Combos are the name of the game, pairing your simple base attack with your special attacks. The first thing that comes to mind when talking about the combat is the ice skating like combat displayed by Geralt of Rivia in the Witcher games.

I adore this combat, the weapons you can select all feel a bit different, allowing you to adapt to your certain play style. the special moves you can add on such as the attack shown above, and the runes you can add for some base stat upgrades all allow for maximum customization.

There is a decent variety of enemies that all handle a bit differently, they will also level up the further you progress in the game, allowing for constant challenge in the game. All of the enemies feel balanced, and I was never hitting an enemy too much before it hit me, and I wasting being hit too much without being able to retaliate.

the raven you use is also playable, and will allow you to fly to hard to reach places and grab things like runes, or power orbs. the power orbs are used to activate pedestals, which will make platforms appear, gates raise, and elevators move up, letting you progress. I quite like playing as the raven, even if it is only for short periods of time, and I feel like the floaty controls the player possesses.

This game is pretty fun, I never got too bored or frustrated, and had a good time throughout. I just wish the game was a bit longer, and the level design could use some improvement. But for the price it is ($7.99) and the fun I had, Armed with Wings Rearmed is


8.5/10 “Great”


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