Let’s get one thing out of the way: This is not a Triple A game. It’s the epitome of ‘indie’. Much like This War of Mine you lead a group of survivors trying to outlast or outrun a civil conflict. While the military refuses to intervene they do send patrols into the conflict zone. These patrols will attack you on sight. The are well equipped and well trained. They can and will wipe your team within a few turns. This is where Displaced shines. You have to be alert and use every advantage to make the most of your resources and your skills.

Graphically the game is accomplished. The environment and music share the same two attributes. Accomplished and dark. Both to excellent effect. Finding quality supplies can be very tough. Your team can live off garbage and junk food but those quickly exhaust. Hunting and scavenging can net you higher quality supplies but also use up your weapons and ammo. Your team members have their own stress meters you need to manage as well. Let them get too tired and hungry at the same time and you may lose more than some progress.

The combat scenarios are a hybrid of tactical and turn based game play similar to many RPGs. Your team mates do not gain experience but you do slowly begin to understand how to use their strengths to your advantage. There is no level up but you can change tactics and radically alter how your characters interact with the enemy during combat. You can also use their skills outside of combat to improve their odds of survival. Depending on which method you choose to leave a region you might find yourself wandering around for quite some time. Make your choices very carefully. There’s no way to reload a previous save and undo a decision that wiped out your team and hours of effort.

On the 10 scale Displaced hits perfect 5. As a game it is a very solid experience. The music and visuals are perfectly on par. The writing and pacing are equally on the money. With some tweaks to the interface, better pacing, stronger motivation to pursue a specific path (good samaritan or criminal) and intuitive suggestions made by team mates to foreshadow some random events (before they happen, as an early warning) would see this game elevated to a golden 7.

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