Dungeon Souls Review

Dungeon Souls is one of many 2d roguelike top-down procedural indie dungeons crawlers, and that is part of the problem. On its own, this game is fine, but the market is very saturated and some games have set the bar high, and this game just isn’t hitting that bar.

My first problem is the controls, the game offers full gamepad support, but is basically useless as the aiming is awful, and the D-pad and joystick are equally clunky. The keyboard works fine, but some controls, such as switching to different abilities, don’t mesh well with the combat and require you to backtrack often, leading to unnecessary slow downs in the combat. You also cannot bind this to the scroll wheel and must use something on the keyboard. Besides this, the gameplay is fun, each of the games 3 base characters feel pretty good to play. You can choose between the Warrior, Archer, or Rogue/Theif to begin with. Each of these has their own unique abilities, and attributes, but nothing is too unique here.

The object of the game is to activate one of a number of shrines in each level and get to the gate before you are killed by the demon that haunts the levels. The game’s generation is good at spacing out the shrines you need to activate, and spacing out the traps, enemies, and shops in each stage. There are not a ton of things or unique enemies, but the generation works out to make it acceptable to me. The game also switches things up by throwing in boss battles every now and then, and it provides you with a wealth of items that do unique stat upgrades. I like the way they do items, as they realize you won’t have the time to equip individual things, and instead make the items have upgrades that activate immediately.

The art is also ok, the pixel graphics are good on their own, but aren’t unique at all. The color palette is another example of this, looking good, but not exceptional. The music also follows this suit and gets repetitive after a while. The game also has voice acting that seems incomplete, with certain bosses having voice acting and others lacking it. That being said, the sound effects are fantastic. Each sound effect is crafted perfectly to give the feeling of real damage being either taken or received and I can’t find a single complaint on the SFX.

But overall, the game is fun, nothing exceptional, but nothing exceptionally terrible either, this game meets right in the middle. I can’t suggest you get it at the full price, but if it ever goes on sale I can recommend you pick it up because dungeon souls is a solid

5/10 “Okay… Needs work, but had a fun time overall!”


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