First Impression – Legrand Legacy

In the face of certain death, the beast that lies deep within you is awakened…

Forgotten past and future full of opportunities

You are Finn, you are a slave. You have no memory of your past. Being bought by a slave master you have to fight in the Arena for the entertainment of the local folk.

When faced with the Arena champion, the only thing you know for sure is that you want to survive!

There is evil lurking inside of you that you do not know, demons of unknown nature. Your heart is, however, pure.

To make sense out of this world you have to stay true to your heart and to your companions on a journey that will lead you to your destiny.


In this strange and alien world, you will live through many adventures, meet new friends and powerful foes. You will become stronger and wiser and will learn many breathtaking truths about the lore and the folk living in it.

The time is right to Kick Start your adventure!

Legrand Legacy is being developed by an independent game development studio SEMISOFT and the project is currently on Kickstarter. At the time of writing of this article, they have achieved great milestones but are still not at the end of their journey.

If you like JRPGs – the likes of Final Fantasy – you will definitely like this one. If you pledge your allegiance you will be rewarded, just go to their Kickstarter page and check the pledge rewards, there are a lot of tiers and all the rewards are worth the investment.

Walking the path of destiny…

When you start a new game you are welcomed by a pre-rendered introductory video that gives you a sense of what is happening. You are a slave, you have a sword, you are in an Arena and you are about to die

A rather clumsy transition from the CGI movie to the actual gameplay takes place and you find yourself in battle mode straight away!

Keep in mind that the version that is available is a pre-alpha build. Taking that into account the game looks already better than some of the “early access” games available on the market… But back to the game.

It took me some time to realise what the controls actually were and how the combat system works. But after a couple of rounds, I was able to figure it out fast enough so that I did not die straight away… well….

I almost died, but thanks to some demonic power that possessed me I have survived and severely injured the arena champion. I did not, however, kill him.. what a shame I thought, my character is one of those “lawful good” people.

You can see the whole long play video on my channel:

When the battle was over my slave master was not happy. I was not surprised taking into consideration that I have just mutilated his most valuable possession – the arena champion and thus have lost him a lot of money (Danaar is the official name of the currency in this world). The slave master has decided that a slow and painful death will be an appropriate punishment for me.

Luckily (or divine intervention), there appears a strange character that introduces himself as Geddo. An old man with a long grey beard and strange markings on his face. He haggles for my life and strikes a deal with the slave master. I will live, to serve my new master.

“I didn’t save you, I hired you.” – Geddo

The mission is simple – help Geddo on his journey through the Rahas Desert.

Exploring the world

Just like in other classical JRPG games you run around a certain area until you reach some door or passage that will transition you to another area. When you reach the exit from a location you will be presented with a larger map of the current location where you simply choose where you want to go next. I am not personally a big fan of this mechanism, but it does no harm and I believe many players will appreciate it.


Talking to NPCs will allow you to get more information about the lore, you can meet interesting characters or get some hints that can help you on your journey. In terms of questing, you have the main quests that progress the story as well as side quests.

Alchemy and Crafting

Collect, collect and collect. Then build something cool!

As the header of this section suggests, you can gather resources to craft items and pieces of equipment. Alongside that, you can train in the “science” of alchemy, mix ingredients to create potions and consumables.

Battle system

You have to be precise and accurate if you want to survive encounters with beasts and foes. The game introduces its own ACT system. In simple terms, you have to hit the right button, at the right time to achieve the best result of your attack. This little mechanic makes the battle more action packed and the attack result is determined by your real life skill that you can master. Of course, when you level up you can improve your stats to increase your chances in battle.

Your party members can be positioned in two rows – either in the front or at the back, resembling the FF system where you have to put the melee characters at the front and the casters and ranged attackers at the back.

You can also learn Grimoires that your characters can cast during battle.

Just make sure to keep track of the elements you are using against your enemies. Some are more efficient than others. This allows you to be more creative in your battle tactics and makes the battle even more interesting.

Your character also has four slots that can be populated with items that are available during the heat of battle for quick usage.

Beasts and other evil creatures

You will encounter many beasts of different shapes and sizes. Being a proper RPG, you can rest assured that the creativity of the artists had no limitations when making this game. So do not expect to get bored too soon. One lovely thing to always remember – the enemies have an elemental type, and so do their weapons. So when making decisions on who to attack with what weapon, you may have to think twice.


As expected you will level up your characters in your party by completing quests and overcoming foes in furious battles, making them stronger and more deadly as the game progresses.

Every character has five basic stats: Strength (STR), Vitality (VIT), Agility (AGI), Intelligence (INT) and Luck (LUK). These can be increased as you level up your party members. In addition, your characters will learn Grimoires as their stats improve, giving you the opportunity to choose a specific “build” for each of your characters.

GUI and the other stuff…

For a pre-alpha release, I have to say that the menus, the icons, the overall feel of the GUI is very professional. There are of course some glitches between screen transitions but that is to be expected at this stage and will be surely fixed by the time the game is released.

This demo gives you enough gameplay to test the mechanics, to see what the game is all about and that you can form an opinion. This approach is very good and friendly for the player as after playing the whole demo you can make an informed decision in regards to investing in the Legrand Legacy.

….and the Avatars during the dialogues… oh my! Not only do they look good, but they also change their facial expressions to match the dialogue text that is being displayed. Now that is something that makes the characters feel more alive and makes you more involved in the conversations as they feel more personal and you are slightly more emotionally attached to them as a result.

Conclusion (TL;DR)

Expecting a brief summary here? Oh, ok. So here it is!

Legrand Legacy is a good looking JRPG project that so far delivers what it has promised to their supporters. Now granted the start of the story is in no way original, but that is to be expected in some way from this genre, so I would not hold it against the developers. If anything it encourages me to play the game longer to uncover the story behind my character, the story of Geddo, of the city, the world… During your travels and adventures, you will encounter numerous characters that you will get to love and hate. All that I am hoping for is that the story will make you feel attached to the main protagonists so you can have a good emotional fantasy journey at the end of which you will feel something…

As this is a pre-alpha demo release, there are things that could use improvement of course – voice acting, some bugs here and there, improvement of the battle animations, menu/battle/gameplay transitions… All of these are however marks of a work in progress game that is still in development, so once again this is nothing to complain about.

When you play an alpha or pre-alpha you do expect worse problems than those mentioned. This game is already stable, playable and enjoyable! Congratulations to the developers!

Also considering a number of backers for this project I believe the above-mentioned things will be fixed/implemented in the future.

Overall this looks like a promising JRPG with interesting and dynamic battle system.

But don’t take my word for it, play the Demo yourself! (links below)

Steam: Get the Demo

Twitter: Follow

Website: Check it out!

Kickstarter: Support

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