First Impression – So Long Earth

A game where puzzles, survival and great artwork meet to make you want to…. whistle….and pee in space!

Steampunk, Mafia, and one Love story

The earth was destroyed, and with it, the only women you have ever loved. But there is someone who promises to reunite you with her. You are used to making deals, you are a gangster after all… you also have a “ghost” minion by your side…

So Long Earth is an indie game created by a team of three people and has been available on Steam since April 2016.

This game takes a different approach to the platformer genre. You can jump and shoot, but you can also fly in space, mine asteroids, purchase equipment and solve puzzles.

I will try to introduce this game to you from the perspective of a player who has never played it before, hoping to provide some constructive feedback to the developers as well as allowing the readers to get to know this lovely little creation.

The Universe is vast and full of opportunities…

When you open this game you will be welcomed by a man whistling and peeing while standing on his space ship. From this moment you know that sh*t is going to get real pretty fast!

The game introduces the story to the player with a fast and simple intro, the narration of characters is entertaining and will make you giggle. The story is quite simple:

Your loved one has been taken from you (died) and you are alone. But being alone in this universe takes on a different meaning. You are alone, alone… like on the whole planet there is only your house… (every nerds dream come true)

The game is aesthetically appealing with its art style that resembles the one of Don’t Starve or adventure game Machinarium whilst still remaining unique and true to the artists’ style. You control the main character as in any other platformer game, but on a very tiny planet, so get ready to tilt your head quite a lot.

Moving, jumping, and shooting feels very natural. One thing that would be great to have in this game would be a short tutorial mission, as you will scratch your head the first 10 minutes whilst trying to figure out what to do. But after that, the game-play becomes clear and you can fully enjoy yourself.

You own a space ship! Now that is great but what is even better is that you can fly it around the map, to progress with the story, to discover new areas. But beware – make sure to mine those asteroids so you do not run out of fuel!

The mixture of genres that you will experience in this game somehow feels good. The developers have done a great job in making the gaming experience cohesive.

One thing that you need to make sure is to check the video settings to make sure that the game does not run slow on your machine like it did on mine. If you want to see how the game looks check this Long Play video:

Even though the controls are simple and the puzzles are relatively short, you will find yourself lost in places, scratching your head and swearing whilst trying to figure out what to do next. But after you figure it out, the feeling of reward will be all the more satisfying.

Graphics and Music

I cannot help myself, but to mention the art style and music of this game…

The art style feels, very welcoming and warm. Everything you see on the screen feels as if it was drawn on a paper, but is on your screen. If you like to draw or doodle you will feel home. The animations are not any worse, although some of them could use less stretching *wink wink do the artist and dev*.

Character design is also nice, all characters are different but the art style is unified, so you never get surprised by some NPC that looks out of place (as you do in many indie games).

Sound effects are professional, good quality and just the right amount of serious / funny to fit the theme of the game.

Last but not least is the music… Just by looking at the pictures here, I bet you can tell what the music will feel like, and you are right! The music fits the game and compliments the art just as the art compliments and supports the music. Each zone (level/planet) and its music go together well with the theme of that particular location. One thing I was missing is music in the pause screen… and to request music in a pause screen says a lot about how much I enjoyed the music in this game.


So it seems that I am trying to sell this game to you, right? Well not really. I was just very pleased and pleasantly surprised by the quality of this game as a whole. That does not mean however that the game does not have some downsides.

One of the would be optimization… The game runs well on an average computer of this day and age. But I have found irregular performance issues throughout my gameplay for an unknown reason. First I thought it was due to the recording software, but even after turning it off the frame rate was inconsistent.

If you have a modern graphics card, you should not encounter this issue, but if you plan to play this game on a laptop, you should have at least Intel Iris series GPU or one of the mobile Radeon or GTX series. On a desktop, you should find this game running smoothly as long as you do not rock a VoodooFX card in a ISA slot 😉

That aside, the game provides fun and entertaining experience.

You grasp the story quickly and begin your adventure in this steampunk universe as any proper french gangster would – With cheese… I mean ease, EASE!

All the NPCs you encounter in the game are well designed, the planets are all different and the puzzles will make you think just the right amount. And with the music, you will have a great steampunk adventure.

If you like how this game looks, make sure to follow the developer and check his game out!

Developer on Twitter: @Eddcoast

Steam: Get the game here




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