Glitchhikers Review

We are all looking for meaning, we find condolences in things like religion and stories, and we will all fade away. These are ideas brought by the fantastic experience Glitchhikers.

Glitchhikers is an interactive experience in which you are driving alone in the night listening to night drive radio. In order to quench this loneliness, you pick up the occasional hitchhikers that go from regular people to the truly eldritch. The encounters you have with these people can only be described as enlightening. You discuss the nature of death, the reason you journey, and the concept of religion (just to name a few) to the passerby you aid with your car. These discussions are some of the most well-written encounters I believe I have ever seen in this form of media. Every second I spent with this passerby felt like I was truly engaging in valuable discussion, and every time we went our separate ways I waited in anticipation for the next hitchhiker.

The art showcased in Glitchhikers matches this tone perfectly with muted purples giving off an aura of magic and wonder in a pretty average game at face value. The graphics are a low poly vector style which I love, and the use of color lends to this style making the game have an ominous feel in an extremely peaceful game. The music accompanying from Night Drive Radio is some of the most interesting standalone music I’ve seen in a game of this style. The experimental vaporwave esque glitch music tied a beautiful ribbon on this aesthetic.

One complaint I have with the game is the lack of voice acting. I would love to hear these conversations brought to life with voice acting, but instead, I am faced with walls of text. This is by no means a huge complaint, rather a touch I think should have been made to improve the experience. I love the voice acting the radio has, so to have more of it would be outstanding.

Overall, I would encourage everyone plays this experience, even people that don’t typically play video games. Glitchhikers provides a truly insightful experience of humanity and ourselves, and although a short experience, we can all find something in Glitchhikers.


9.5 “Outstanding”

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