Review: Goblin Harvest – The Mighty Quest


Goblin Harvest is a turn-based strategy game that represents a board game where you control armies defending towns from hoards of goblins. The game developer advised me to check out the “quick start guide” here and I would highly advise it. The game takes a while to understand and even on the easiest difficulty, I lost my first game before watching that video. Upon starting you notice several options you can tweak and the game includes a 1 out of six difficulty rating based off of those settings. This is a fantastic idea as it helps gamers tweak individual things without worrying about how hard or easy that tweak will make it. In the game, you control two characters, the king, and their champion, on the map you see rows of goblins to destroy and at the base of your site is what is called your “citadel” if your citadel is destroyed, you lose the game. The gameplay consists of moving your armies with the deck of cards you are dealt each turn. For example, if you don’t have a hill card, you cannot advance onto a hill. The combat is simple, all you must do to destroy a goblin is to move onto it before it moves onto your army, if it does this to a town, the town will be destroyed.


The art style is very similar to the board game “Settlers of Catan” which I am a big fan of and helps keep you immersed in the board game feel of the game. The music consists simple medieval tunes that also help to add to the immersion. The sound effects are what really help bring the game to life. They are very high quality with everything from the ambient noises, to the screams of the approaching goblins sounding alive.


The game also has you controlling the king’s champion which is told through a text RPG. This is key as you cannot win the game with your armies, no matter how many waves you destroy they will only keep coming. The text RPG is a fantastic element, that really helps differentiate the game from just another online board game. You need to work with both the Hero and the armies to win this game, which causes you to think differently than most board games. Throughout your adventures, you will also encounter enemies and will fight them with a game of chance. The game is similar to rock paper scissors where you have 3 moves and each move counters one of the other two. The combat is ok but is a bit lacking, and I would prefer more strategy such as a turn based combat or even some extra cards in the combat itself.

The game is a single player only experience and feels good that way. You can play the game 2 player co-op with one player controlling the armies, and one player controlling the champion, but it is centered around 1 player gameplay.

This game is extremely solid, with fun strategy gameplay, some awesome text RPG gameplay, solid art, and good music. If this game tweaked the combat, it would be a classic game. The game earns an 8/10 with a label of high-strategy.

I would Highly recommend buying this game and if you want to you can check it out here!

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