Lichdom Battlemage Review

I assume you have played an RPG; since this is a PC game you’ve probably played Skyrim right? Well if you have you probably at one point played spell sword where you attack primarily with some sort of melee weapon and then occasionally make use of some sort of spell to do some damage. Well, Lichdom Battlemage is that minus the sword and with double the destruction.

Lichdom Battlemage is tagged on steam as an RPG, and steam said it was similar to the likes of Skyrim. However, this to me was one simple thing… DOOM with spells. The game doesn’t make use of any currency, and not much of any open world, but it is very much run-and-gun with spells. The only things you collect, are little modifiers that you can use to craft and upgrade spells.You get better gear by upgrading your “rarity lever”, which you get by reaching multiple checkpoints without dying.

The crafting system is very intuitive, and can even be done automatically if there is a direct upgrade to a current spell (Ex: you have the ingredients to make a fireblast that does 20% more damage but is still a fireblast). I really enjoy the crafting, as it adds a little bit more personalization to your character.

You can either play as a male or female character, both fully voice acted, and with tons of personality to boot. The gender you don’t choose will appear throughout the game as your guide “Gryphon”. Gryphon acts as both a utility as some sort of pathfinder and as a character, by adding a ton of snark to the otherwise standard fantasy RPG dialogue.

The base gameplay is decent, but it messes up in a way that DOOM crushed it: the speed. This game requires you to stop… all the time… the fire strike attacks take a while, and every other attack slows you down, this made any battle a lot longer than it needed to be. The spells all to feel pretty good, and the projectile spells have a little bit of auto-aim to make casting them feel better.

There are a pretty good variety of spells, and ways to cast them. Whether you want to cast a ball of fire, a ray of fire, or a pool of fire then you can A.) probably get help for your fire problem, and B.) select which ones you specifically enjoy to suit your best playstyle. This contributes to a variety of play styles, but they are all bogged down by that speed issue I mentioned earlier.

The graphics are pretty decent, but it is easy to see them looking dated in a year or two. The color palette doesn’t help this, though, because it is extremely dull, and even though its supposed to be a dead world, they still could have done more with the colors. The fact that nothing is destructible also doesn’t help to make the world seem dead.The character models, are all pretty nice, though, and help to add some life to the dead environment.

Throughout the first couple levels, there was not a lot of variation in the enemies, and I quickly got bored firing spells at the same few enemies time and time again.

Overall, Lichdom Battlemage provides a decent “DOOM with spells” experience. I enjoy the crafting and personalization, but the lack of overall memorable design can put people off. However, if you liked the recent DOOM, then I highly recommend it, because Lichdom Battlemage is

7/10 “Good”

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