Rainbow Dash – Review

Recently, I had to replace my cell phone. My previous phone had a heating problem. Because of that, I couldn’t play games on it. On my new phone, there are no problems, and I can play Android games now. When the developer gave me Rainbow Dash I had to try it out.

What is Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash is a game where you need to get from the start to the end of the level by hitting a bunch of squares and lines. If you get stuck or you fall, you die. When you die you have to re-do the level. There are ten levels in the game.

How does it look

The looks of Rainbow Dash are very basic. The player is a line of colored balls, the environments are blocks that recolor in the color that hits them.

There are ten different color schemes you can go between. This goes in variations between rainbow colors and different shades of purple.


The Tune that plays in the background sounds like a ‘feel good’ tune. A funny sound that keeps on replaying. There isn’t really much variation in the tune but it fits the game and is a good tone to hear.


Every time you press the screen, the color snake jumps. This has to happen at the right moment. This works well and this makes it fun. However, the game is harder than it looks.

Rating: 6/10 – a simple mobile game with a wide amount of color schemes, but the 10 levels are kind of short.

Download Rainbow Dash on Google Play

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