Review: Cyber Sentinel

Cyber Sentinel is a cyberpunk puzzle game in which you are a hacker working for companies. You do this by “jacking in” where you plug yourself into a computer. All this is illustrated to you through well drawn comic book esque panels through different stages.

The game itself operates as a sort of plug and play basic coding where you drop actions that pertain to certain colors. For example, you place a move forward widget that causes you to move forward until you hit a blue square, then you turn right. The gameplay is simple but intuitive. The puzzles can be extremely difficult and leave to. I have not seen such an intense sense of accomplishment from many puzzle games before.

I enjoy the music somewhat but found it kind of repetitive. The electronic sounds meshed well with the theme of the game but rang hollow as I have heard so many similar tracks.I see no large fault of the game in this, and I do still enjoy the music, background as it is. The graphics are simple but effective in displaying the information.

The instructions are not fantastic and I think need to be more ingrained in the gameplay than text and pictures. If the game actually showed you or had you use it. Yet, the game itself is intuitive and allows you to pick up on concepts fairly quickly.

The gameplay itself is rather fun. The game’s puzzles are immensely rewarding, and you receive 1 to 3 “Multi-Passes” for a level, this is similar to many different mobile games which I consider to be overused. I can get over this due to the nice reference to the movie “The Fifth Element”. The simple gameplay pairs well with the simplicity of graphics and music to make a pleasurable experience.

The game also has an interesting feature for when you are stuck on a certain level. After you beat a level you are presented with the option of sharing your method of completion. You can access this in every level that others have completed and add a small level of community to the game. This is paired well with the game’s Level Editor, where you can create and share your own puzzles.
Overall, the game is nice and earns itself an 8 out of 10 with a label of “Intricate” I would recommend you get the app store version of the game on IOS and Android, but I played the steam version which is linked below.
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