Tanks meet zombies – review

This indie game was given to me by the developers to try out. I played in local co-op together with my 11-year old brother. Here is what we think. What do we think about “Tanks meet zombies”?

The game

Tanks meet zombies is a game where you play as a tank, and kill zombies. At first, you just go against simple zombies, drive over them to kill them, shoot with very plain weapons..

But later in the game, the game gives you options to choose from. Like flamethrowers, rockets. It’s all there.

Local co-op

As said before, we played in local co-op. A problem here was that the second player couldn’t play with keyboard and mouse. Luckily I own two Xbox one controllers so that problem was solved with wiring the second one.

The menus work with controls per player. So I couldn’t alter my brother’s weapons, and he couldn’t alter mine. This was nice.

Art style

The art style is some sort of 3D and looks decent. It looks decent but wasn’t impressive to us. The tanks might be a bit undersized for the number of weapons they carry making them almost invisible.


For the sound, I have to say the same as for the art style. It was there but it simply couldn’t impress me.


This game is a fun arcade game to play between games. The permadeath option doesn’t invite to get further in the game but the variety of different enemies is very interesting.

The enemies each have their own way of attacking and take different tools to te killed. Each level has its own type of boss as well.

Even though we did have fun, after 2 hours the game kind of left ls bored and we just wanted to play something else.

Rating: 6.5/10 fun but not impressive

Game: Tanks meet zombies

Developer: Titan forged games

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