1-100 Subscribers Lord Way

This article will be about the journey from 1 subscriber to 100 my current count being 162. It will also have some tips in there that I have learned as I have gone along.

Like many others on YouTube I run a gaming channel and it’s quite difficult to make yourself get noticed and stand out from the crowd. And that can be disheartening to a lot of us content creators because we spend a lot of time and effort recording and editing videos and because our audience share is small we may not achieve the views on our videos we want which is unfortunate.

I have had two youtube channels over the years the first was 5 years ago now which was vlogs to camera talking about things like relationships and giving advice on them and it did okay. But I eventually stopped doing it as it was such a hassle recording on a DV camera (Tape) and having to upload at college and edit it there. It also wasn’t my main passion in life which is gaming but I didn’t have enough money for recording equipment for my xbox 360 at the time.

The second channel started in October 2013 and was just going to be a place where I just upload my college work which it was the first video was my final film for my BTEC course. I have studied Film and then TV since 2011 by the way. In early 2014 I decided that I would do a foundation degree which meant I had to apply for a student loan. Second video is a university project there but in spring 2015 I wanted a PS4 as a reward for the hard work from college and getting onto the university course. Once I set up the PS4 I noticed you could record videos on it and then I just thought after waiting all these years to start a gaming channel I already have a few subscribers why not just go for it and see what happens.

I started recording and uploading to my channel without a plan which in hindsight was a mistake. I would say before you upload make a plan of what you want to channel to be like and what kind of content you want to record. As then you have a solid structure going forward of what your channel will be like instead of what happened to me. I just sporadically uploaded videos of different games when I got them so there wasn’t really any structure to the channel. It wasn’t until 4 months into the channel that I made my first series which started having order. It was a short series playing F1 2015 but it was the start of greater order and structure on the channel.

A lot of my videos before that were just cool gameplay moments that happened while playing online with my friends. But unless you’re invested in my channel it’s not the kind of content that will bring in new viewers because you have no idea who my friends are and my voice was the only one shared in the recording.

So if I am going to give you advice about how you should start your channel I would sort out a name you like that you will think will stand out. My channel was my real name for a long time which wasn’t particularly catchy. Took over a year to think of my current moniker. Also have a banner that you like I don’t have a custom banner at the moment as I really am useless when it comes to making things on photoshop. So I tend to have recently had a banner based on the current game I have recorded going on the channel. Also structure your channel around playlists so people can find your content more easily so it gives new subscribers an opportunity to go through your back catalogue if they want. As if like me you have almost 300 videos now people new to the channel aren’t going to go back to the beginning to search through. Something I didn’t do but I wish I did was the first upload should be about yourself and what the channel is going to be about so people can know from the start what they are getting themselves in for when they subscribe.

The first few videos on the channel can set the tone for your channel growth for the foreseeable future. My channel growth was slow because I used to upload raw recordings straight from my PS4 to YouTube so the quality wasn’t as good as it should be. So you want a good production quality after a few months down the line I used some editing software on the PS4 itself but it’s best if you edit it off the console as the quality is better. Video quality is rather important at the current time my videos output are 720p as that’s the highest the standard PS4 records at natively. That is one of the reason’s my channel isn’t as big as I would like. 1080p is standard practice at this stage on YouTube so definitely record your videos at as higher quality as possible as it makes a real difference. I need to do something about it hopefully I will be able to put some money aside for a capture card soon for my next series I will be recording.

Also once I started editing the videos on my laptop the quality of the videos improved. It would also allow me to use my editing skills that I learned at college for something productive. Allows you to cut out any mistakes you may make during the recording which is good. I use final cut pro on my macbook as an editing software and it’s pretty easy to use it’s the one I learned to edit on so I have stayed loyal.

In regards to getting your videos out there I would recommend using the tags the normal ones relating to what game you’re playing and what happens during the video. As people who are looking for videos on that game might see them on the YouTube search results. But also try and use a catchy title so it stands out and increases your chance of views. I have been fortunate on a few videos on my channel breaking over thousand views. Like with most things in life timing is everything if you’re someone like me and mostly plays mainstream titles then you’re going to have more competition to get views but there are more people likely to watch those videos. My most successful videos have been when a game has just come out and it then appears high in the search results because you’re one of the first to make a video on the subject.

Going off some of the success on my channel videos that are tutorials about games that have just come out do quite well as they have a wide appeal as people want to learn the game. Also things to do with locations of secret vehicles tend to do rather well even if the game is old. So if you find a secret about a game it’s well worth the upload.

My most successful video is things to do after story completion which is a fallout 4 as this was uploaded a couple weeks after the game was released and it’s pretty short so I completed it quickly so it got high in the search bar. The video itself has almost 60k views. But the problem was this was at a time where I wasn’t really scripting out videos so I mentioned things you could do after completing the game but I also got sidetracked talking about what happened to me in the town of quincy and how supply lines work. So it’s not one of my better video really and the audience reception has reflected in that really it’s polarising.

So I wasn’t able to capitalise on the success of that video I gained most of my subscribers from that video but I could have grown so much better if the video wasn’t so polarising among people. Which obviously is disappointing but it’s a life lesson at the end of the day.

I still have the drive to make videos on YouTube I enjoy doing it so I will continue to do so. Hopefully I will have some luck with my videos in the future. Some final few bits of advice for you. Have the confidence to record your voice it adds so much more to a recording. Keep recording videos even if they aren’t doing so well as you never know when one might become a hit. Have a social media presence so you can share your videos and get in contact with other youtubers. Never forget your audience as they are the key to your success so reply to comments when you can and even if the comment is mean don’t stoop to their level.

Thank You for checking out this article I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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