CGN – The Social Network of Gaming

A lot of people, especially those in the streaming or video making community, are always looking for a place to share their videos/streams. Good social media platforms for gamers and content creators are few and far between, with things like twitter currently dominating the market. I have been using CGN for a long time and now it is time to sing its praises.


CGN is a sort of forum for gamers and content creators, allowing people to show off their videos they’ve made, streams they are doing, and even a shop where users can sell products like custom controllers they are making. The base UI looks good and feels intuitive, with a lot of polish to make the interface to make the forum feel inviting. The community is nice and inviting, but personally, I don’t feel there is much interaction between newer players. The admin, however, is very active and is quick to answer any problems/questions you have.

the interface

overall, I highly recommend checking this out. If you are a content creator, a fan of gaming videos, or just a fan of gaming in general. I think CGN is the place for you.

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