Jack and Casie an Inventory Action Game on Kickstarter!

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2D games these days seem a dime a dozen, the art is easy to manage and often the mechanics are pulled from other sources, very rarely do you see a game with a unique play on both combat and inventory management. Jack and Casie manages to do both, combining fast-paced action and beautiful visuals with a unique inventory system that forces the player to make snap decisions in order to clear the way forward!

The gameplay and inventory share a screen, which is a nice change from the classic seperate inventory screen we have all seen time and time again. the gameplay works around the movement of the available items and the fast-paced battles make for an exciting adventure while working with the unique system.

Jack and Casie is already fully funded after only a few days, but this shouldn’t deter you from backing as they have some wonderful rewards and a great game to offer you once it’s released.

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