If you like Stardew Valley, You’ll love Staxel

I have always been a fan of farming games, but it is rare to find one that has everything I want in it. Stardew valley was close, but I wished there were more town aspects. Enter Staxel. I actually bought staxel from the Humble store about 2-3 years ago, and completely forgot about it, as the features were very limited. Much to my surprise, I received an email a few days ago with a steam key for the beta. This game has evolved beyond what I thought it could ever be and has become a fantastic product.

I don’t want to spoil too much of what the game is, but it combines farming, building, and town life elements to create a relaxing, awesome environment.

The game releases in January and I highly recommend checking it out on their store page!

you can also buy it directly from their website right now!!


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