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One of the features on Crowdfire is ‘Publish’. With Publish it’s possible to schedule tweets, that will automatically tweet out in the future. This is a nice feature to have since no one has time to be on twitter 24 hours per day. We like to do other things than just being social. With scheduling tweets, your tweets will go out whenever you need them to go.

But, how do you use this feature?
In this article, I will show a bit of how to use Crowdfire’s Publish on the PC, in your browser. I used Chrome while I wrote this.
On Android, Crowdfire comes with two features: Crowdfire (growth features) and Publish (Schedule tweet feature) ((edit: Publish is no longer a standalone app))

After logging in to Crowdfire, you get to see this page. From here you can go two ways: Publish (marked green) and Growth (marked orange) – Weirdly enough, Crowdfire itself is kind of popular, for its growth features. And in the past, the auto-DM feature. Which got removed after a change of rules by Twitter on October 2, 2017.

The Publish feature is not that popular, and it’s super easy to use. Press ‘Compose’ to access ‘Publish’.

With ‘New post’ you can schedule a new tweet. And with ‘my timeline’ you can check what tweets you got scheduled and when that tweets will go out.

The tweet-pad is pretty easy to use. It has a camera (add image) a location icon and a possibility to help you with adding hashtags. If you use Twitter more frequently you will know what hashtags to use for your product.

Then, you get to choose when you post your tweet.

You can find the amount of ‘best time’ tweets in the ‘timeline’ tab

‘Post now’ – Your tweet will directly post to Twitter

‘Post at custom time’ – Crowdfire will let you pick a date and time to post your tweet

‘Tweet at best time’ – Publish will indicate when it’s the best time to tweet this tweet and tweet it out at that moment. For this, keep in mind that a number of tweets you want to have tweeted out every day will matter in the timing.

Publish Timeline – Scheduled / Archived

In the end, your timeline will be visible in the ‘publish timeline’ and this has two tabs: scheduled and archived.
In scheduling, you obviously find what tweets you have scheduled and when they will tweet out.
In archived, you find the tweets that Publish has tweeted out for you, and a possibility to reschedule these exact same tweets again. 

Article by: Edward Castor (ComputerFiguur)
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Used product: Crowdfire

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