How to automate twitter growth


I get this question very often: What can I do to help my Twitter grow? Let’s give you guys a few answers.
To grow on twitter there are a few strategies. Starting with just following the people that might like your product and hope they will follow back. But this is very time consuming. When you grow bigger this will become difficult. Where will you find these people? When do you draw the line of helping others? Do you retweet your competitor?

Follow for follow

The follow for follow tactic is a good way to start but very time consuming. You follow people that might be interested in your tweets and hope they follow back. Every once in a while you unfollow the people that didn’t follow back and so on. The limit to follow is about 980 follows per day. There is no unfollow limit. When you mass follow and unfollow people Twitter will notice you. This means you will have to verify your phone number all the time. Just to assure them that you are human and not a spam bot.

Where to find people

To find people and help people find you simply use hashtags that fit with what you tweet about. In my case it’s #indiegame, #gamersunite, #gaming and a few others. I use these mainly because I tweet about indie games and my own YouTube videos. Do you tweet about bicycles or do you sell bicycling equipment? Then try and find people that like bicycles with cunning use of hashtags.

Do you retweet your competitor?

In this case, where I tweet about indiegames. Yes. I retweet my competitors. They do the exact same thing for me. We’re all in this together! In the case of indie games the more coverage it gets the better. However… if you’re a company that sells bicycles then don’t retweet your competitor.


Like I said before this tactic works. At first. It is very time consuming. The quicker you grow, the more time this will take. Once you’ve gotten big enough you don’t want to spend all of your precious time trying to find possible followers for your twitter account. What do you do now?

Automate your twitter

When you automate your twitter account this will make social media a lot less time consuming. However this doesn’t come for free. Besides that you can never fully automate your twitter. It will just help. You will still have to tweet and engage with your followers. But with automation you don’t have to waste that much more time on finding new followers.

So. What do I use for my automation? I find Tweetfavy an excellent tool for this job. Its easy to configure their tools to understand your needs. It can then add likes to tweets, retweet related content and even follow people that tweet your interests!


If you only want to leave some likes on tweets on a few targets the starter should be enough. For most people I would suggest Pro as a better solution. Tweetfavy has a free two week trial period. The free trial is their ‘Basic’ package which is more than enough to let you see if Tweetfavy is the service for you!

Article written by: ComputerFiguur

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