Is Nintendo Switch interesting for indiegame developers?

Its one big question for gamers, will Nintendo Switch be a interesting console for indiegame developers? The answer is yes. There are already indiegames announced for Nintendo Switch, think about the binding of isaac, afterbirth and many others. But these are known indiegames, indiegames we have already played on PC and even on other consoles.

Will Nintendo be open?

Before a indiegame developer can decide to release his game on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has to be ‘open’ for more games. If so, the terms of service have to be doable for small developers and shouldn’t cost that much. If Nintendo manages to do this, Nintendo Switch will be a very good console for indiegames. It kind of combines the option for tablets with a controller. Its fun to play, and the reach is good. Specially when you develop a very colorful game Switch is just perfect.


How nice would it be, if a bunch of indiegames, would be exclusive to Nintendo Switch? I doubt this will happen. If you look at the list of indiegames that are coming to Nintendo Switch around release date, they have been out for other platforms for a while now. For WiiU the collection always remained small. And just tell me, would you buy a Nintendo console if it wasn’t for the Nintendo exclusive games? Like Mario? Pokemon?

Maybe there could be exclusive versions of the games, with a few extra features to make it interesting to buy this particular game on Nintendo Switch instead of any another platform.

Buy a Switch for indies?

Should you buy a Nintendo Switch for indiegames? At this moment i would say no. Indiegames mostly don’t take too much from a PC and can be played on a simple laptop. But, we are over 6 weeks before the release of Nintendo Switch. If Nintendo opens up, Switch can become interesting for indiegame developers and if that happens, it might be interesting to take a second look if getting a Switch for indiegames, is a good idea.

But if you like the Nintendo exclusive games, and are really looking forward to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2, like me, just get it. WiiU might not have had the most games ever, but it was enough to have a load of fun and Switch will bring this again. And then hopefully, cool indiegames will come to Nintendo Switch as well.

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