Nintendo Switch


The console we’ve all been waiting for is finally coming, the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo always tries to make a unique console that doesn’t match the PlayStation and Xbox consoles. And you can hate them, but you have to give them kudo’s for that. But what can i expect from a console like Nintendo Switch? Unique only isn’t going to sell. So lets take a look at someĀ announced games!


On release date this party game 1-2-Switch comes out. 1-2-Switch is made to have fun as a group, playing silly games and have a good time together. This ‘party-feeling’ might be the strength of Nintendo in the past years. Look at each other, not just at the big screen. You are playing together, why look at your tv all the time? Might as well just watch a movie! Both players take a JoyCon controller and just have fun. So that is what 1-2-Switch is for.

Arcade Archives

Arcade Archives is a game that combines a bunch of old gamesĀ that released between 1980 and 1996. Thats some really old stuff! So for retro-gamers Arcade Archives is ‘the game to get’ for Nintendo Switch. Arcade Archives will not be unique for Nintendo Switch . Hamster, co also releases one ‘new’ game to PlayStation 4. On PlayStation 4 this is called Neo Geo and the games look different for now, but would probably mix up.

For what i can find, Arcade Archives will contain 40 retro games. For Retro-gamers this should be interesting. However, this is a trend right now. Just take a look at Xbox One with the Rare-Collection and PlayStation that tries to let people play their old PlayStation 1 games again. Sony and Microsoft do, Nintendo will follow. One way or the other.


A new interesting looking, Nintendo-styled game for Nintendo Switch is Arms. This game might be a little weird but it actually does look like a lot of fun. It is playable as a party-game. A unique way to fight each other with funny 3d looks. Pick a character, pick some set of arms that fit you, and start the fight!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

A new polished version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is coming to Nintendo Switch and will be there on day one. Link goes on another adventure. This time its about discovery and exploration. You travel trough forests, mountains, fields.. And discover what has become from Hyrule in time. A nice discovery experience that has a very nice touch to it.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Skyrim is coming to Nintendo Switch. Can’t really think about why because Skyrim released years ago. However Skyrim is a good RPG game, where you are able to put a lot of time in. If you haven’t played it yet, or haven’t touched the DLC. I can recommend going for this. You will fight dragons, have a stunning adventure and there is a lot of exploring involved. Can’t say other, Skyrim is a amazing game.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

A very popular game is Mario Kart 8, it came out on the WiiU earlier and now it will also come for Nintendo Switch. Mario Kart is a funny game where you race other people (or the computer) and next to just racing, you can use weapons against them. There are more games that have this feature but Mario kart brings this in a fun, good looking way with their own types of fun inside. A real Nintendo exclusive that deserves to be bought and played.

Project Sonic 2017

The ‘Sonic-team’ at SEGA is working on Project Sonic 2017, a new Sonic game. I can’t find much about this game but it looks like Sonic will have a amazing adventure again, and that will be playable on the Nintendo Switch!

Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2, paintball in a video game once again. Splatoon was incredibly popular on Nintendo WiiU and this game will be loved by the public, just like his little brother. Splatoon is a really colorful game where you just shoot at each other to have fun. Want to paint your best friend pink? Or just work together and paint all other people online..


Super Mario Odyssey

Isn’t Mario-games what most people buy a Nintendo console for? For its happy experience which make you laugh all the time? Super Mario Odyssey is a sandbox styled Mario game, and that is a long time ago. Throw around Mario’s cap and sail around the world, discover places and you’ll experience one cool adventure.

Xenoblade 2

And the last game i want to show for today is Xenoblade 2. Another adventure, a RPG game with lots of exploring. Be the hero. The conflict between two races, about two titan’s that have died long ago. This will be fun, and a very nice new experience.

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