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Earthfall is in Early access. This won’t represent the final product.

It was time for me to play a new game. So I did a little looking around and Earthfall looked interesting. I saw some screenshots on Steam and had to try it. So here we are, in Earthfall. Okay, the game isn’t that well optimized so let’s try tweaking some settings. I tried to go for high setting but it still presented a lot of lag. So I’ve used the game’s Medium preset for this.

When I finally found a preset that was playable I jumped straight in. When I decided to attempt a review this game only had four campaign missions available. So I played them ALL. Though it was short I’ve got plenty of details to go over.

Genre: Sci-Fi Survival/Horror

Earthfall is comparable to Left4Dead2… with aliens. A whole lot of aliens. They are attacking Earth and they seem to be everywhere. A group of survivors gets to fight all the aliens in their path as they work toward the objective at the end in the level.


When the settings are properly tuned the game runs smoothly. I played with a Xbox One controller and had no problems with any controls. The aliens do have clunky, pre-beta like AI. They are sometimes too stupid to see you’re standing right in front of them. Or they might try smashing a wall the player placed while there is a perfectly good broken window right next to it. Expect them to get smarter and tougher as development continues. Early adopters might end up missing the crazy comical shenanigans of the NPCs. They grow up so fast.. Another thing: The ladders. Getting on them to go up is easy. Trying to get down a ladder is a bit more challenging and sometimes doesn’t seem to work.

The swarms of aliens run in quickly and are, occasionally, overwhelming. But still very doable with dedication and skill. I kept running out of ammo and ammo spawns seem to be rare. This is likely something that will get rebalanced later. Sometimes it was easier to just return to the spawn point to get ammo. Not really a problem as it was a short jog but it would be faster and more fun if there were more ammo dumps around.


The graphics on the Medium preset look fine but it’s not ‘perfect’. I’ve seen a lot better even in early access. My PC is better than the recommended specifications displayed on Steam so it feels strange that ultra or high lagged so badly it was unplayble. It just needs more optimization. It would have been nice to have reviewed the title when it has enough polish to show what the art assets were worth the time to download.


The music in Earthfall is great. I really liked the soundtrack. Sometimes the music does go over the in game sound effects. Sometimes the music was so intense that I couldn’t hear my own gunfire. Just a bit weird. Balancing the volume between the OST and FX might need to be done on the developer end. I’m not sure. Just odd is all.


Earthfall is a real fun game. I’m looking forward to the second part of the campaign because the first four were solid. The new levels should release during Early Access according to the game devs. I really enjoyed myself playing this game and recommend others to give it a try especially if they like FPS wave shooters and want to mix it up with aliens instead of the now-standard zombie.

7/10 – Great game! Could be even better with more dev time.

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(Editor’s note: The screenshots used were provided by Holospark and larger versions are viewable on their Steam page for this game which is linked in the image above.)

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