Review: 28 waves later

28 waves later

28 waves later is a top-down shooter. The goal is to survive every wave of zombies that is coming at you.


When I saw that 28 waves later finally got released I had to try it out.
At the moment the game doesn’t have controller support. This forced me to use my keyboard and mouse. Some people already know but this is never my weapon of choice.
At first, the WASD keys didn’t work for me. As if the player was stuck in one place. After wave 2 started the keys began to work.
Before that I just used the mouse to launch arrows.


28 waves later has, in general, a fine design. The graphics are pretty decent. However the zombies are all very similar because the devs had to reuse the same model. This creates multiple clones in every wave even in smaller crowds. They all just look exactly alike.

The maps are very simple with repeating textures. Everywhere you look it’s quite apparent you’re walking on a template that duplicates itself all the time.


The sound effects in 28 waves later are also very simple. There is a tone for steps, a tone for zombies coming at you and a tone for your weapon. Yes. That’s are all of them. There are no other sounds in this game.

My opinion

The zombie doesn’t actively seek out the player. Sometimes you really have to go look for them. This is weird because the description on Steam says that the zombies will keep coming at you… but don’t. In one wave I managed to kill almost all of the zombies. There was this one zombie left behind. Hiding. I gave up looking for it after about 3 minutes.

The game retails for $2.99 on Steam. It is on sale for 40% off as a release special. I would have to say I have played better games for a lower price.

I don’t recommend this game.

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I got a free press-key for 28 Waves Later on March, 16, 2016. The game got delayed a lot, and finally released on March, 15, 2017. Because of this large delay I expected more from this game.

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