Review: Nacon Revolution Pro

The PlayStation 4 is a great console, but I’m a PC gamer with love for Xbox. For this reason, I couldn’t handle the PlayStation 4 controller any longer and I decided to buy a Nacon Revolution Pro. Not even for the extra buttons on the back, or any other fancy features. I bought this controller, originally, just for the Xbox-like layout.

When this new controller arrived at my home, I was excited to hold it. It was so much heavier than a PlayStation 4 controller, which felt rather flimsy compared to this. In the box I found more weights to make it even a bit heavier. It’s not much, but I have put the heaviest possible inside. I like my controllers to have some weight on them. Like the Xbox One controller, which is pretty heavy compared to a PlayStation 4 controller.

Removable weights

As I said above, the Nacon Revolution Pro had the option to add or remove weight from the controllers. It’s not a lot of weight and in my opinion, they could have added something a little heavier. But it is notable while you play, what kind of weight you have put inside the controller.

I decided to go with the heaviest weights. This makes the controller feel like I’m really holding something and that, for me, adds to the quality.


Button layout

The button layout is similar to the layout of the Xbox One controller. However, this controller has a bunch of buttons on the back. A few are just for settings, but four of them are buttons the user can actually assign. I decided to assign the action buttons to them. This really helps in shooters. Now I don’t have to take my finger off the right joystick, making my aim a little more precise.

PC Software

The PC Software for the Nacon Revolution Pro is easy to understand. However, the controller always has to be in mode 2 to adjust settings. Mode 1 works just like the official DualShock 4. The software allows adjusting buttons to whatever you prefer. Like vibration, or not, What button goes where, Everything you need.

Because it’s so user-friendly I could adjust the controller to my wishes in only a matter of minutes. And I found the software download on Nacon’s website.

Mode 1-2

With mode 1 or 2 its possible to switch between ‘normal’ and ‘user’ settings. It kind of means that when you put the controller in mode 1, it will function as a regular Dualshock controller. Mode 2 will be the controller you created with the software.

Playing games

I have used this controller for a few weeks now and I love it. It feels so much better than the PlayStation 4 controller did. It’s bigger, heavier, and it really feels like holding something of quality here. In games, this controller reacts really fast and the tiny delay for the wireless Dualshock 4 is completely gone here.

When I used this controller for the first time in Killing Floor 2, which came for ‘free’ with PlayStation Plus, I came further in the game, than I had ever done with the Dualshock 4. Yes, during the first time using it.

The right joystick is a little bit more sensitive and does need a little time to adjust to.


As said before, I bought the Nacon Revolution Pro for the Xbox-like layout. And the design itself is also similar, but the way this controller feels in my hands is just great. I have small hands and no issues holding this controller, while on the Dualshock 4 I kept hurting my left thumb because it was too short.

To me the looks of this controller are not that special, there’s a light on it that indicates what mode your playing in. Blue for mode 1, red for mode 2. It does get delivered with a little bag to keep the controller in.


A very good controller with a huge price tag of €90. But, in my opinion very much worth it. The controller has a nice amount of weight and feels like a high-quality controller while holding it.

A little downside is a 3-meter wire. But, this wire is also what makes the controller react faster. And that’s noticeable in-game.

Played well in every game I tried to play with it. And also works with the PlayStation 3 games that are on PlayStation Now.

10/10 – Outstanding!

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