The best games that released last week (january 9 – 15, 2017)

Lets make a list of the good games for the past week. So many games release every week! In this article i only look at games that got released on Steam. I choose games on how they look, what they are about and gameplay. Of course i don’t own all these games, in those cases i have to follow the opinion of other people.

Cavern Escape

Cavern escape is a puzzle game developed by a developer named: White Dog. Next to Cavern Escape White Dog also developed Sleeping valley (a arcade side scrolling platformer) and Dynamic (another platformer) so a puzzle game is new for White Dog as a developer. This means Cavern Escape is the first game made by White Dog that is really meant to be a puzzle game. And in my opinion, it looks great.

Stone Age Wars

Stone age wars is developed by Permafrost studio and then published by Back to basics gaming. Stone age wars is a RPG indie game where you have a army of stone age warriors. You fight another armies and of course, your goal is to win the ultimate fight. Stone age wars is the only game Permafrost studios has published on Steam at this moment. And it still looks good!

Paul Pixel

Paul Pixel might look simple. But it still looks like a game that can deliver some fun playing it. Paul pixel is pretty cheap and is developed by Xoron GmbH. Paul Pixel is the only game Xoron GmbH has published on Steam. Paul ain’t no super hero, he is just an ordinairy guy. Paul got forced to fight an alien invasion and that is what Paul Pixel is about.


Is horror more of your genre? In that case Bequest could be a cool game for you to play. The terror of a dead grandmother, that never left the house after she died. Bequest is developed by Taste Games and is the only game they have released on Steam.

Power hover

Take control of robots on hoverboards and hover trough this game, that is Power Hover. On one side Power Hover looks simple, but on the other side, the graphics that are visible, look great! Power Hover is developed by Oddrok and is their first game on Steam.

Pako – car chase simulator

In Pako – car chase simulator you are running from the cops. Does your car get hit? Only once? You die. Stay in front of the cops as long as you can, and dont run in to their traps. Pako – car chase simulator is developed and published by Tree men games. Its the only game they have on Steam right now.

Minions, monsters, and madness

Developer Adam Hebert has developed this indie game named Minions, monsters, and madness. a good MMM combination for a a story driven JRPG. Everything you decide, will influence what happens around you. Your decisions make the story.


Boost is the first VR game in this list, and that is because Boost has a really good look. A Sci-fi sports game developed by Parallel mind LLC. Boost is in early access and that probably means the developer still has things to fix. But for what i have seen, Boost is definitely a cool game to play.


Just look at this cool little fellow. This game is Fluffy, a little fluffy ball that goes on a side scroller adventure. Poor fluffy is afraid of the rain, do you get him home in time? Fluffy is developed by Blaiz entertainment, Fluffy is their only game on Steam.


Detention is a little unique in my opinion. Its a ‘horror’ game with amazing graphic art. Its a beautiful game to see! Honestly i can see people buy Detention just for the art. But next to the art there is a good story, with the material war of Taiwan implemented. Detention is developed by Coconut Island Games and RedCandleGames, and i think they did well in this collaboration.

Rise & Shine

Rise & Shine is a RPG action game where a planet got invaded by enemies from outer space. Now that the aliens are the strongest, you have to be the hero. Rise & Shine got developed by Super Mega Team and has a amazing touch on it. The art style somehow remembers me of Awesomenauts which was a amazing indie game at the time it came out. So i don’t know about you, but i hope to play Rise & Shine very soon!


Of course i have to include Room13 to this list, since this game has a really unique touch on it. Its something i don’t see a lot and i like it. Room13 is violent, full of gore and is easy to control. Room13 is developed by The Paper Robot and is their first game on Steam.

Not dying today

Not dying today is a zombie apocalypse side scrolling game. The zombies attack, you kill them. Just like every other zombie game out there. I still like the finishing touch and there is a reason zombie games are this popular: they are fun to play. Not dying today is developed by and is, yes, just like the others, their first game on Steam.
Not dying today is published by Forever entertainment.

Burgers 2

Years ago, most of the alien enemies of World War II were defeated. But some survived and in Burgers 2 they are back! Fight these aliens with all you have and be the brave soldier that makes an end to them. Burgers 2 got developed by Digitized Organism and is their only game on Steam. I tried to find Burgers on but i couldn’t find it.


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