The use of Youtube and Vidme

Youtube is a very popular social media to share videos with the world. These videos will be watched by some subscribers and some people that search for that type of video.

The downside of Youtube is that it is very popular. And it now has a very large base of content creators. Also, Youtube has some problems with selling advertisements for the videos. Limiting the small guys.

Vidme is a bit like Youtube, but more based on being content-creator friendly. They replaced an ad-based system for a tip system. If a viewer enjoys a video, they can leave a tip. There is also something similar to ‘like’ button, called upvoting.

Why do I enjoy Vidme

Vidme makes it very easy for a content creator to share videos. Upload, choose a description, pick a category, upload your thumbnail and there you go, your video can be watched.

The ‘new’ page

There is also a ‘new’ page on Vidme, that shows all the new videos uploaded to Vidme. This makes that every video gets viewed, even if the creator of the video only just started.

Use both Vidme and Youtube

Vidme encourages their users to upload their videos to both Vidme and Youtube, to maximize the number of views per video. A Vidme profile can even show the creator’s Youtube channel with a link.

It also shows other social media links. And it does under every video as well.

After using Vidme for a while

I have been using Vidme for a while to see if it’s a nice alternative to using, or for use together with Youtube. And I came to the conclusion that Vidme is awesome to use for smaller YouTubers. It will help give your videos some more exposure and better numbers on video views really help a content creator to stay motivated and continue what he does.

Written by: Computerfiguur

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